Reconditioned Envelope Sealers by American Mailing Machines

If you are looking for a great deal on an envelope sealer, check out our reconditioned line. All of our reconditioned sealers are in “brand new” condition.

FP 7500/8500 Envelope Sealer

image590Our FP 75/8500 sealer can handle up to 100 envelopes per minute. This dimensions of this machine are:¬† (H) 9″, (W) 16″, (L) 33″. This machine weighs 55 lbs. For more information related to this machine, please fill out a quote for the FP 75/8500 envelope sealer by clicking here.


AS Sealer

image342Our AS Envelope Sealer will run up to 200 envelopes per minute. The dimensions of this machine are: (H) 8″, (W) 16″, (L) 35″ and weighs 60 lbs. This model was originally sold new for $6,500. Click here for a quote on our AS envelope sealer.


Pitney Bowes U560-570R Envelope Sealer

PICT0015Our Pitney Bowes U560-70R envelope sealers have been reconditioned to brand new. This machine operates at a high speed of up to 175 envelopes per minute and weighs 170 lbs. This sealer originally sold new for $10,500. Click here for a quote on our reconditioned  Pitney Bowes U560-70R.