FP Mailing Solutions Announces PostBase Enterprise Series – The Biggest Release in PostBase History

FP Mailing Solutions unveiled the PostBase™ Enterprise Series, the biggest release since the launch of PostBase, featuring three new models packed with innovative technology and an all-new unified experience. The new line features the highest level of mailing security, making it the first USPS® IMI-Compliant postage meter line in the market. The PostBase Enterprise Series is comprised of three innovative products, PostBase pro, PostBase pro DS and PostBase ONE. PostBase pro, pro DS, and ONE are backed by German engineering and feature an all new design which allows maximum throughput and mailroom versatility.

The PostBase pro is the perfect complement to your professional office. At up to 140 letters per minute, the pro turns complex mailing processes into one natural sequence with a simple touch, stack and go flow. The sleek new design not only turns heads, but is engineered to adapt to your mailing requirements. The differential weighing feature allows users to place a stack of mail on the scale and effortlessly send them through the machine as it seamlessly calculates the correct postage. The pro is easier, more automated and has the most secure engineering than anything that’s come before it.

The PostBase pro DS is more than the next generation of PostBase, it’s an uncompromising vision of professional mailing for the modern mailroom. The anti-skew rollers coupled with the seal check sensor, give users the comfort that their mail piece is not only perfectly aligned as it enters the machine, but that it maintains its security and confidentiality as it continues its path to the exit catch tray. Not only does the PostBase pro DS process mail at a swift speed of up to 140 letters per minute, but the dynamic scale processes mixed mail at a blazing speed of up to 90 letters per minute, which is the fastest in its class today. In addition to the high speed weighing of the dynamic scale, the pro DS has refreshed capabilities that make mailing processes quicker, easier and more automated allowing customers to master mail like a pro.

The PostBase ONE is engineered to bring innovation from the inside out, taking efficiency and automation to the next level. Its design uses the latest technology from dynamic weighing to powerful letter processing, giving your mailroom a consistent and unwavering dependability. The high capacity, automatic feeder coupled with the dynamic scale and postal vertical feeding make pre-sorting mail a thing of the past. The PostBase ONE introduces a new pressure seal feature that validates each envelope is sealed tightly, giving users the peace of mind that their mail piece maintains its integrity. At a processing speed of up to 150 letters per minute and up to 100 letters per minute with the dynamic scale, the PostBase ONE provides a proficient workflow that creates the perfect combination for high-volume, complex mail runs. With the PostBase ONE, users can have the control they need without compromising time or resources.

“The Enterprise Series introduces the next level of postage meter solutions for large mailing customers. FP is excited to launch a postage meter lineup that not only eases the mailroom process, but closes the gap of mid-to-large sized mailroom demands,” said Carl Amacker, CEO of FP Mailing Solutions. “The modern mailroom has evolved to require different needs and expectations and with the Enterprise Series, FP is rising up to meet them.”

With the new Enterprise Series, customers can process their mail more quickly and easily while upholding all of their security standards. The PostBase Enterprise Series is revolutionizing the way users process their mail. The PostBase Enterprise Series is available for purchase at American Mailing Machines.

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Reconditioned Envelope Sealers by American Mailing Machines

If you are looking for a great deal on an envelope sealer, check out our reconditioned line. All of our reconditioned sealers are in “brand new” condition.

FP 7500/8500 Envelope Sealer

image590Our FP 75/8500 sealer can handle up to 100 envelopes per minute. This dimensions of this machine are:  (H) 9″, (W) 16″, (L) 33″. This machine weighs 55 lbs. For more information related to this machine, please fill out a quote for the FP 75/8500 envelope sealer by clicking here.


AS Sealer

image342Our AS Envelope Sealer will run up to 200 envelopes per minute. The dimensions of this machine are: (H) 8″, (W) 16″, (L) 35″ and weighs 60 lbs. This model was originally sold new for $6,500. Click here for a quote on our AS envelope sealer.


Pitney Bowes U560-570R Envelope Sealer

PICT0015Our Pitney Bowes U560-70R envelope sealers have been reconditioned to brand new. This machine operates at a high speed of up to 175 envelopes per minute and weighs 170 lbs. This sealer originally sold new for $10,500. Click here for a quote on our reconditioned  Pitney Bowes U560-70R.

American Mailing Machines is hiring!

American Mailing Machines is a leading provider of mailing automation equipment and software solutions.  We are looking for a talented sales professional to join our team in the Minnesota market.  For more information on the position, please click here.

Spectra SP-PC (SPPC) Stereo Transcription Headset

Spectra SP-PC (SPPC) Stereo Transcription Headset

The Spectra SP-PC (SPPC) stereo headset has a 3.5 mm stereo connector for PC’s. This is a light weight, comfortable and the finest style of dictation headset available. It’s two speakers give balanced and crystal clear audio. Its underchin bow, twin speaker style headset is comfortable and practical. Weighs in at less than 1 oz. Comes equipped with two soft, velvet like ear cushions. This unit is a must for anyone, the heavy transcriptionist or light user. Comes with extra-long 10-foot cord to reach your PC soundcard. This headset has a 3.5mm stereo plug end and is compatible with stereo connections.

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FP Postage Meter/Mailing Machine Products Solutions Delivered


Exercise your options and achieve new levels of efficiency with FP Mailing Solutions. No matter the size or dimension of your mailing needs, we offer systems and solutions to getting your mail out quickly, easily, and effi ciently. Sleek, sophisticated designs; advanced engineering; and mailing solutions for businesses of all sizes provide you with many benefi ts, such as convenience; improved company image; faster delivery of mail; and, most importantly, postage savings.

Customize pieces by adding an optional interfaced scale, additional catch trays, envelope sealers, and specialized accounting and mailing software. By providing a comprehensive line of high-quality equipment and exceptional customer service, we maintain our position at the forefront of mailing systems providers.

If you are looking for guaranteed responsive service, coupled with the most advanced, cost-effective, and customized solutions, FP Mailing Solutions is the right mailing solutions company for you.


Goodbye post office lobby waiting line! Adding a postage meter to your office is the perfect way to gain more productivity out of your day.  Whether you’re mailing a handful of letters or thousands, an FP postage meter helps you get it all done, quickly, professionally, and conveniently.  Best of all, our complete selection of meters for businesses large and small ensures you’ll fi nd the perfect fi t for your operational needs.


Crisp folds, complete and correct envelope insertions, fill & start automation.  FP folders and inserters automate the manually tedious task of stuffing invoices, statements, collection letters, billing, and marketing communications.  FP’s complete spectrum enables you to find an efficient, cost-effective, and sophisticated way to prepare all of your mailing materials.


Save time by automating and ensuring incoming and outgoing communications smoothly reach their destination. Engineered for durability, versatility, and long-life performance, our machines are ready to make quick work of all of your high volume mailroom chore.


Software solutions provide you with the information you need when running a mailing or shipping environment. From postal accounting and reporting to rate shopping, our easily integrated software packages help you realize improved effi ciency and increased productivity levels in your mailing and shipping centers.