Paper Jogger 400


The Paper Jogger 400 aligns stacks of paper and remove static electricity buildup that can cause paper jams in copiers, folding machines, printing presses, paper cutters, perforators, and binding machines. Joggers also cool paper and dry toner or ink before moving material from printers to paper processing machines like folder-inserters.

The Paper Jogger 400 is the industry standard for modest volume paper jogging. This compact tabletop jogger is very simple and works right out of the box (no special setup required).

  1. Set the machine on a sturdy table, desk or stand.
  2. Place disordered paper in the bin.
  3. Switch it on.

Your paper will come out uniformly aligned and squared in a few seconds.

The 400 can jog one ream of 8½”x11” or a half-ream of 8½”x14” paper at a time.


Maximum Capacity 500 sheets of 20 lb bond paper
Dimensions (H x L x D) 15” x 10.25” x 18”
Weight 24.5 lbs