FD 8902B Industrial Shredder


The Formax FD 8902B  Industrial Shredder offers high capacity   for shredding large volumes of material, and can serve the needs of an   entire organization. It’s powerful enough to shred just about   anything including entire files, stacks of computer forms, cardboard,   tapes, CDs and magnetic disks.

The FD 8902B Cross-Cut model can   shred up to 650 sheets at once, up to 35 feet per minute, with a shred   size of 5/16″ x 1 1/2″ – 3″.

The FD 8902B combines the power and features of the FD 8902CC with   an Output Baler for convenient disposal of shredded material. The Baler   continually compacts shredded material into a bale, which is easily   ejected into a plastic bag for clean, easy disposal.

The EvenFlowTM Automatic Oiling System is a standard feature which lubricates the all-steel cutting blades, helping to keep the shredder in peak operating condition.

Key Features:

  • High-capacity
  • Up to 650 sheets at once
  • LED Control Panel
  • Output Baler
  • Shreds entire files & more
  • Automatic Oiling System