FlexMail Address & Envelope Software


Variable Data Printing was never this easy!

FlexMail™ software makes it easy to connect to, clean and organize address data from any source and print graphically rich personalized envelopes on any printer. FlexMail™ helps you gain access to additional postal discounts.

  • Address Data Management: Cleanse and organize your mailing database.
  • Mail Piece Designer: Drag & drop your design elements according to USPS requirements.
  • Cost Savings: Use presort capability to save 10%-20% off postage.
  • Color Correction: Adjust graphics for optimal printing (Advanced and Pro editions).

Address Data Management

FlexMail™ can link to external databases and manipulate data from any industry standard data format, including Access, dBase, Excel, XML, delimited/fixed-length text, and any OBDC compliant database.

FlexMail™ can sort and filter your database according to your needs, and save your queries for future use.

FlexMail™ also can connect to multiple data sources simultaneously for supplementary lookups and suppression lists.

Cleansing Data

With the optional USPS add-on module, FlexMail™ will run USPS CASS and NCOA processes to correct and standardize addresses and update your lists with NCOA move updates.

Certified Presort Discount

The USPS module also sorts and prepares your address lists for the lowest possible automation rates, plus uploading all the USPS paperwork required by the USPS.

Envelope Design

The built-in envelope design is an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that looks and feels just like familiar Microsoft Office programs. Create designs with any envelope or label size, add fixed or variable text, barcodes, and any common graphic format as background and foreground elements.

The designer guides you to create designs compliant with USPS layout requirements.


Basic Edition: Intended for small businesses and nonprofits who need solid address database handling, easy to use envelope design, and printing to small or medium-size printers.

Advanced Edition: Extends database support and data tools, including deduping. The envelope designer adds variable graphics, postal indicia creation, and duplex printing.

Professional Edition: FlexMail™ Pro integrates with production control devices like camera scanners and conveyers to provide the greatest degree of accuracy and printing uptime.